Version 1.3


Date: May 22, 2022

Ticket System

Single Ticket per User

Implemented the ability to set up one ticket per user using the /ticket config command.

Suggestion System

Enhanced Configuration

Introduced the /suggestion config command, enabling the toggling of all suggestion features.

Resolve Buttons

Members with the Manage Server permission can utilize Approve and Reject buttons to approve or reject suggestions, accompanied by optional comments through a pop-up modal.

Author Updates

Suggestion authors can now use the Update button to make edits to their suggestions.

Thread Creation

Users are now able to create threads and comment on suggestions using the Create Thread button.

Text Suggestion Feature

The suggestion message command has been replaced with a text suggestion feature. Enable it via the /suggestion config command.

Self Roles


Users can now create button roles or select roles as webhook messages.

Mini Games

New Snake Game

Added a new snake game accessible via the /snake command.