Command Directory


This category provides a comprehensive overview of all available commands, grouped by functionality. The commands are categorized into two top-level categories, namely Community Management and Fun & Utilities.

Community Management

Community Management is an essential category for managing a Discord community. It includes two subcategories: Server Management and User Management.

  • Server Management provides tools for configuring settings, monitoring activity, and managing user interactions.
  • User Management offers features for moderating, assigning roles, and reporting.

Community Management is crucial for maintaining a positive and engaging community. It provides a centralized and streamlined approach to server management and user engagement, ensuring that the server runs smoothly and users feel welcome.

Fun & Utilities

Fun & Utilities is a category that offers a diverse range of commands for server members, as well as tools for managing the server and promoting community engagement. The category includes fun commands such as vote kick and memes, as well as utility commands such as avatar and embed.


In summary, the Command Directory category in R.O.T.I offers an organized and comprehensive overview of all available commands, making it easy for users to find the tools they need to manage their Discord community and engage with their server members.