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Mini Games

Mini Games

Take a break and add some fun to your Discord server with these quick and engaging mini-games! Test your luck, challenge your friends, or simply unwind with a bit of playful competition.


/blackjackPlay a game of Blackjack/blackjack
/connectfourPlay Connect Four game/connectfour [user]
/guessthecrownPlay Guess The Crown game/guessthecrown
/rockpaperscissorPlay Rock Paper Scissor game/rockpaperscissor [user]
/snakePlay a game of snake/snake
/tictactoePlay Tic Tac Toe game/tictactoe [user]

You cannot play against the bot in most of these mini-games. However, you can face off against the bot in Rock Paper Scissors!


  • Test your card skills in a classic game of Blackjack against the dealer.
  • Aim to get a hand total closer to 21 than the dealer without exceeding it (going bust).


Blackjack Command

Connect Four

  • Engage in a strategic battle against a friend in Connect Four.
  • Take turns dropping your colored pieces into the vertical grid.
  • The first player to line up four of their pieces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins!
/connectfour [user]


Connect Four Command

Guess The Crown

  • A simple game of chance and prediction.
  • Click the buttons to reveal the crowns one by one.
  • You have 30 seconds and 5 attempts to correctly predict where the crown will land. Guess wisely to win!


Guess The Crown Command

Rock Paper Scissor

  • Play a classic duel of Rock, Paper, Scissors against a friend.
  • Choose your move (rock, paper, or scissors) simultaneously with your opponent.
  • Remember the hierarchy: Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, Paper beats Rock.
/rockpaperscissor [user]


Rock Paper Scissor Command


  • Experience the nostalgia of the classic Snake game!
  • Control a snake as it moves around the screen, eating apples to grow longer.
  • Avoid running into yourself, or it's game over!


Snake Command

Tic Tac Toe

  • Challenge a friend to a timeless battle of wits in Tic Tac Toe.
  • Take turns placing your symbol (X or O) on the 3x3 grid.
  • Aim to get three of your symbols in a row, column, or diagonal to claim victory!
/tictactoe [user]


Tic Tac Toe Command


From classic card games to nostalgic favorites, this collection offers a mix of mini-game experiences. Unwind, have fun, and add a playful spark to your server!