Basic Configuration


The Starboard System allows you to highlight and showcase standout messages that receive a certain number of star reactions. Let's explore the features and commands of the Starboard System in detail:


The Starboard category offers a range of commands, including:

/starboard setSets the channel where starred messages will be posted
/starboard enableEnable Starboard channel
/starboard disableDisable Starboard channel
/starboard ignoreAdd/Remove a specific channel from being monitored by the starboard

Introduction to Starboard

The Starboard System is designed to promote and appreciate exceptional messages in your server. It enables your members to react with a star emoji (⭐) to express their admiration or recognition for a particular message. Once a message reaches a specified threshold of star reactions, it is displayed on the starboard, a dedicated channel that serves as a showcase for remarkable content.


Set up Starboard System

The /starboard set command is used to configure the starboard channel and set the star threshold. This command requires the following arguments:

  • channel: Specify the channel where the starboard messages will be displayed. This should be a dedicated channel exclusively for the starboard.

  • threshold: Set the number of star reactions required for a message to appear on the starboard. This threshold determines the level of recognition for a message.


Command Usage:

/starboard set [channel] [threshold]

Enable Starboard System

The /starboard enable command enables the Starboard System in your server. Once enabled, members will be able to start starring messages for recognition on the starboard.

Command Usage:

/starboard enable

Disable Starboard System

The /starboard disable command disables the Starboard System in your server. When disabled, members will no longer be able to star messages, and the starboard functionality will be turned off.

Command Usage:

/starboard disable

Ignoring Specific Channels

The /starboard ignore command allows you to specify the channel that should be ignored by the Starboard System. Messages in this channel will not be eligible for the starboard.


Command Usage:

/starboard ignore [channel]

Manual Message Submission

To send a message to the starboard without the need for a minimum number of stars or thresholds, follow these steps:

Right-click on the Message

Locate the message that you wish to send to the starboard within the Discord chat.

Select - Apps

After right-clicking on the message, a context menu will appear. From this menu, hover your cursor over the Apps option.

Click - Send to Starboard

Once you've hovered over Apps, a sub-menu should appear. In this sub-menu, click on the Send to Starboard option.


By following these steps, you can instantly send a message to the starboard without any minimum star requirements or thresholds. This feature allows you to promote content to the starboard without any additional conditions.


Now that you have a detailed understanding of each command in the Starboard System, you can effectively configure and manage the starboard functionality in your server. Remember to select a dedicated channel, set an appropriate star threshold, and utilize the ignore command to tailor the starboard system to your specific needs.