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Explore Discord and beyond with this diverse collection of commands. Gather user and server information, solve quick math problems, search for GitHub projects, and uncover a few fun surprises along the way.


/avatar serverGet user's server avatar/avatar server [user]
/avatar userGet user's avatar/avatar user [user]
/bannerShows user banner/banner [user]
/calcCalculate math expressions/calc [expression]
/githubSearch for a GitHub repository/github [repository]
/lookupGet information about a user/lookup [user]
/membercountShows total member count of server/membercount
/serverbannerShows server banner/serverbanner
/servericonShows server icon/servericon
/serverinfoShows server information/serverinfo
/urbanDefines a word/urban [query]
/userinfoShows user information/userinfo [user]

Avatar Commands

These commands serves as the foundation for retrieving both server-specific and global Discord avatars. /avatar command requires one of the following subcommands:

Server Avatar

/avatar server command displays a user's server avatar (profile picture) within the current Discord server. Server avatars can differ from a user's global avatar if customized specifically for a particular server.

/avatar server [user]

Global Avatar

/avatar user fetches a user's global Discord avatar, the profile picture they use consistently across all Discord servers.

/avatar user [user]

If you don't specify a user, it will show your own avatar.

User Commands

User Banner

Displays a user's profile banner if they have one. Banners are large profile pictures and require a Discord Nitro subscription. Note that not all users will have banners set.


/banner vedrion


User Banner

User Information

This command provides the most comprehensive Discord profile overview for a specified user. It includes:

  • Username: Their Discord username (e.g., vedrion)
  • Roles: Server-specific roles assigned to highlight the user's permissions or contributions.
  • Account Creation Date: When their Discord account was first created.
  • Server Join Date: When they joined the current Discord server.
  • Boosting Status: Indicates if the user has boosted the server.
  • Key Permissions: Lists the user's permissions within the server.
  • Acknowledgement: Indicates special privileges the user might have (e.g., Server Admin).
  • Badges: Discord offers special badges for Nitro subscribers, HypeSquad members, and more.
  • User ID: Their unique Discord identifier (useful for developers).
  • Avatar: Displays a small thumbnail of the user's avatar.
/userinfo [user]

Server Commands

Server Banner

This command displays the current server's banner image if one is set. Server banners are customizable by server owners or Admins.


Server Icon

This command retrieves and displays the current server's icon (also known as its profile picture).


Server Information

This command provides a comprehensive overview of the current Discord server, including:

  • Server Name
  • Server Owner
  • Verification Level
  • Boost Status
  • Category Channels
  • Text Channels Count
  • Voice Channels Count
  • Total Channels
  • Stickers Count
  • Emoji Count
  • Total Roles
  • Member Count
  • Server ID
  • Creation Date

Lookup Command

/lookup command provides essential Discord profile information about a user. It includes:

  • Username (e.g., vedrion)
  • Unique Discord identifier (user ID)
  • Account Creation Date
  • Profile Photo
/lookup [user]

You can retrieve information for users not currently in your server by searching directly with their User ID.

Calculator Command

Functions as a calculator that solves mathematical expressions directly within Discord.

/calc [expression]


Calculator Command

GitHub Command

/github command searches for public repositories on GitHub and displays a brief summary.

/github [repository]


GitHub Command

Server Members

/membercount command displays the current total number of members within your Discord server.


Urban Command

Searches Urban Dictionary, a crowdsourced online dictionary of slang and colloquial terms, for the provided word or phrase.

/urban [query]


Urban Command


This collection of commands empowers you to gather essential Discord information, perform quick calculations, and explore projects on GitHub. Unlock a more efficient Discord experience with these versatile functionalities at your fingertips!