Version 1.7


Date: July 14, 2022

Ticket System

Ticket Channel Renaming

Introducing the new /ticket rename command, allowing users to easily rename ticket channels.

Attachment Permission

Added a new feature called "Attachment permission". When enabled, members who create tickets will receive attachment and embed links permissions by default.

Enhanced Embed Editing

Added additional embed editing support for new descriptions of ticket messages using tagscript.


Reaction support has been added to ticket transcripts.

Bug Fixes / Changes

Statistics Command

A new /stats command has been added to view R.O.T.I's statistics.

Uptime Command Removal

The "Uptime" command has been removed. Now, you can check the bot's uptime using the /stats command.

Welcome Command Fix

The issue with the Welcome command not sending welcome messages has been fixed.

Transcript Image Loading

Images should now load properly in transcripts, as they are saved directly in the transcript instead of using URLs.