Server Management


This section provides comprehensive information on how to set up a customized welcome message for new members joining your Discord server using R.O.T.I. The welcome message feature allows you to create a warm and personalized greeting to make newcomers feel valued and appreciated.

To access the complete documentation for the Welcome command, including detailed instructions and examples, please navigate to the Basic Configuration category. Use the following URL or click here to explore the documentation for the Welcome command:

In the Basic Configuration category, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to configure and customize the welcome message to suit the unique style and tone of your server. The Welcome command allows you to set up a customized embed for your welcome message, complete with images, colors, and formatting options. You can also add dynamic variables to personalize the message for each new member, including their username, join date, and server information.

By configuring the Welcome command, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for new members, setting the stage for a positive and engaging community experience. Whether it's a friendly greeting, important server information, or an introduction to key features, the welcome message will ensure new members feel valued and encouraged to participate.


/welcomeSet up a welcome message for new members