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Server prefix

Server prefix

The prefix command allows you to change the prefix used to trigger bot commands in your server. This section covers all the information you need to know about customizing the prefix for R.O.T.I in your server.

To access the full documentation for the prefix command, including detailed instructions and examples, please navigate to the Getting Started category. Use the following URL or click here to explore the documentation for the prefix command:

In the Getting Started category, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to set and modify the prefix to suit your server's needs. Remember, the prefix command is a crucial aspect of interacting with R.O.T.I. Understanding how to customize the prefix will enhance your experience with the bot and enable smooth communication between you and R.O.T.I


/prefix addAdd a new custom prefix for your server
/prefix listList all custom prefixes on your server
/prefix removeRemove a custom prefix from your server