Server Management


This section provides all the necessary information for configuring the Starboard feature in R.O.T.I for your server. The Starboard feature allows you to highlight and showcase the most popular and engaging messages in your community.

To access the complete documentation for the Starboard command, including detailed instructions and examples, please navigate to the Basic Configuration category. Use the following URL or click here to explore the documentation for the Starboard command:

In the Basic Configuration category, you will find step-by-step guidance on setting up and customizing the Starboard feature to suit your server's preferences. The Starboard command allows you to define the necessary settings, such as the number of reactions required to star a message and the specific channel where Starboard messages should be displayed.

By configuring the Starboard feature, you can ensure that the most popular and interesting messages in your server receive the attention they deserve. Whether it's funny jokes, impressive achievements, or heartwarming moments, the Starboard will help you highlight and celebrate those noteworthy messages.


/starboard setSets the channel where starred messages will be posted
/starboard enableEnable Starboard channel
/starboard disableDisable Starboard channel
/starboard ignoreAdd/Remove a specific channel from being monitored by the starboard