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Fun & Utilities

Fun & Utilities

The Fun & Utilities category includes a wide range of commands that provide fun and engaging activities for server members, as well as tools for managing the server and facilitating community engagement.


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/helpDisplays a list of available commands/help [command]
/inviteInvite our bot to your server/invite
/pingShows the current latency of bot/ping
/reportReport bugs or glitches to our development team/report [attachments]


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/avatar serverShows user's server avatar/avatar server [user]
/avatar userShows user's global avatar/avatar user [user]
/bannerShows user banner/banner [user]
/calcCalculate math expressions/calc [expression]
/githubSearch for a GitHub repository/github [repository]
/lookupGet information about a user/lookup [user]
/membercountShows total member count of server/membercount
/serverbannerShows server banner/serverbanner
/servericonShows server icon/servericon
/serverinfoShows server information/serverinfo
/urbanDefines a word/urban [query]
/userinfoShows user information/userinfo [user]


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/afk clearClears anyone's AFK status/afk clear [user]
/afk listLists all AFK users/afk list
/afk resetReset anyone's AFK status/afk reset [user]
/afk setSet your AFK status/afk set [reason]
/announceAnnounce a message in the server/announce [channel] [ping] [here]
/editembedEdit an existing embed/editembed [message_id]
/embedCreate an embed/embed [channel]
/remindmeHelps remind you something/remindme [time] [reason]
/sourceembedGet JSON source code of any embed/sourceembed [message_id]


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/giveaway configConfigure the giveaway settings for the server/giveaway config
/giveaway deleteDelete a specific giveaway/giveaway delete [message_id]
/giveaway dropStart a giveaway that picks a winner from the first reaction/giveaway drop [winner_count] [prize] [options]
/giveaway editEdit a specific giveaway/giveaway edit [message_id] [options]
/giveaway endEnd a specific giveaway early/giveaway end [message_id]
/giveaway listList all giveaways in the server/giveaway list [filter]
/giveaway pausePause a specific giveaway/giveaway pause [message_id] [resume_after]
/giveaway rerollReroll a giveaway/giveaway reroll [message_id] [winner_count]
/giveaway resumeResume a specific giveaway/giveaway resume [message_id]
/giveaway startStart a giveaway in the server/giveaway start [options]


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/8ballGet a random answer for your question/8ball [question]
/captchaTest your accuracy by solving captcha/captcha [level]
/chooseChooses between two or more options/choose [choices]
/diceRoll some dice/dice [dice] [side]
/emojifyConverts your text into emoji(s)/emojify
/enlargeEnlarges an emoji/enlarge [emojis]
/flipFlips a coin/flip
/passwordGenerates a strong random password/password [length]
/pollCreates a poll/poll [title] [choices]
/quoteQuotes previous message/quote [message_id]
/snipeShows the most recently deleted message (within 10 seconds)/snipe
/vkickStarts a voting to kick a user from the server/vkick [user] [vote_count]


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/highlight addAdd a word to the highlight list to be alerted for matches/highlight add [words]
/highlight ignorechannelIgnore a specific channel for highlights/highlight ignorechannel [channel]
/highlight ignoreuserIgnore a specific user for highlights/highlight ignoreuser [user]
/highlight listList all words in the highlight list/highlight list
/highlight removeRemove a word from the highlight list/highlight remove [words]
/highlight removeallRemove all words from the highlight list/highlight removeall

Mini Games

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/blackjackPlay a game of Blackjack/blackjack
/connectfourPlay Connect Four game/connectfour [user]
/rockpaperscissorPlay Rock Paper Scissor game/rockpaperscissor [user]
/snakePlay a game of snake/snake
/tictactoePlay Tic Tac Toe game/tictactoe [user]