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The Highlight category in R.O.T.I. provides powerful commands to help you stay informed about specific words or phrases in your Discord server. Whether you're interested in staying updated on particular topics, keeping tabs on specific users, or customizing your highlights to match your preferences, these commands offer precise control over your Discord experience.


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/highlight addAdd a word to the highlight list to be alerted for matches/highlight add [words]
/highlight ignorechannelIgnore a specific channel for highlights/highlight ignorechannel [channel]
/highlight ignoreuserIgnore a specific user for highlights/highlight ignoreuser [user]
/highlight listList all words in the highlight list/highlight list
/highlight removeRemove a word from the highlight list/highlight remove [words]
/highlight removeallRemove all words from the highlight list/highlight removeall

Add to Highlight

Add a word to the highlight list to be alerted whenever it appears in the server.

This command allows you to specify one or more words that, when mentioned anywhere in the server, will trigger an alert for you. Stay in the loop on important topics or discussions.

Highlights will only trigger when you've been inactive in that channel for more than 5 minutes.

/highlight add [word]


Highlight Add Command

Remove a Highlight

Remove a word from the highlight list.

If you no longer want to receive alerts for a specific word, use this command to remove it from your highlight list. Customize your notification preferences effortlessly.

/highlight remove [word]


Highlight Remove Command

Ignore Specific Channel

Ignore a specific channel for highlight alerts.

If you don't want to receive highlights from a particular channel, use this command to exclude it from your alerts. Keep your notifications focused on the channels that matter most to you.

/highlight ignorechannel [channel]


Highlight Ignore Channel Command

Ignore Specific User

Ignore a specific user for highlight alerts.

Exclude specific users from triggering highlight alerts. Useful when you want to filter notifications and stay focused on relevant content.

/highlight ignoreuser [user]


Highlight Ignore User Command

List Highlighted Words

List all words currently in the highlight list.

Retrieve a comprehensive list of all the words currently in your highlight list. Keep track of your highlighted terms for quick reference.

/highlight list


Highlight List Command

Remove all Highlights

Remove all words from the highlight list.

Clear your entire highlight list at once. Useful when you want to start fresh or redefine your notification criteria.

/highlight removeall


Highlight Remove all Command


In conclusion, the Highlight command empower you to customize your Discord experience. By highlighting custom words, ignoring channels or users, and managing your list, you have full control over what grabs your attention. Tailor your alerts, stay informed about specific topics, and enjoy a Discord experience that revolves around your preferences.