Version 1.8


Date: May 18, 2024

Ticket System

Added Select Menu

Users can now create tickets by selecting a category from a menu instead of just using buttons.

Fixed Category Display

Ticket category now correctly displays during setup.

Suggestion System

Default Reaction Emojis

Suggestion reactions now use default emojis instead of custom ones.

Reset Suggestion Count

You can now reset the suggestion count for your server. Configure this with the /suggestion config command.


Fixed Configuration Panel

The /giveaway config panel buttons will no longer disappear after updating.

Added Previous Invites Count

The bot can now count previous invites when validating giveaway participants. Configure this with the /giveaway config command.


Added DM Welcome Feature

R.O.T.I can now send welcome messages directly to users' DMs. Configure this with the /welcome command.

Role Administration

Added New Command

Automatically reassign roles when users rejoin the server using /stickyroles command. You can also choose roles to exclude from automatic reassignment.

Combined Role Messages

In /selectrole, role assignments and removals are now combined into one message instead of multiple messages.


Added New Command

Now you can configure the starboard system using a single command /starboard config for easier management.

Other Significant Changes

Fixed Mention Spam Filter

R.O.T.I now detects and deletes messages with multiple mentions of the same user.

Professional Responses

All bot responses are now more professional and detailed.

Updated Icons

New and cooler icons for all categories.

Additional Improvements

Various other small changes and improvements have been made that are not listed here.

Command Renaming

  • /report is now /bugreport to clarify its purpose for reporting bugs to the R.O.T.I development team not server staff.

A new command to report users directly to server staff will be added soon to help maintain a clean server environment.

  • Changed /log command name to /logs.

  • Changed /role give_or_remove command name to /role update.

Removed Commands

We have removed the following commands from R.O.T.I:

  • Cat & Dog command
  • Meme commands
  • Guess the Crown Game
  • Thread Commands
  • Delete all commands (stay tuned for something special in this category)