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Slash commands

Slash commands

Slash Commands provide an innovative and exciting means of interacting with R.O.T.I on Discord. By simply typing a forward slash /, users can immediately access a list of available commands to utilize. This streamlined approach allows for seamless navigation of R.O.T.I's diverse command library.

What are slash commands

Slash commands are a specific type of command that users can execute in a Discord bot. These commands are initiated with a forward slash / followed by the command and any applicable arguments. For instance, in R.O.T.I bot, a user could use a slash command like /help to access a list of available commands. Through the use of slash commands, users are able to interact with the bot and perform various actions, such as obtaining information or submitting requests, with ease and convenience.

Slash commands

Some examples

Here are some examples of slash commands that can be used in R.O.T.I bot:

  • /help : Displays a list of available commands and information about how to use them.

  • /stats : Provides information about the bot, such as bot's server count and uptime.

  • /remindme : Sets a reminder for the user at the specified time with the specified message.

  • /ban : Bans the specified user from the server, with an optional reason for the ban.

  • /purge : Deletes the specified number of messages from the chat history.

Why slash commands

R.O.T.I use slash commands because they provide an easy and convenient way for users to interact with the bot and execute its commands. With slash commands, users can simply type a forward slash / followed by the command name and any necessary parameters, without needing to remember and type out the full command syntax. This makes it faster and more intuitive for users to execute commands and can help reduce errors or mistakes.


The set of available slash commands in R.O.T.I may vary over time, depending on the addition of new features or the updating of existing ones.