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User Management

User Management

The User Management subcategory comprises commands for managing users on the server, including tools for automated moderation, role assignment, and reporting.


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/banBan a user from the server even if they are not currently a member/ban [user] [delete_message_days] [reason]
/caseGet information about a specific case/case [user] [log_id]
/clearwarnsDelete all warnings of a user/clearwarns [user]
/decancerRemoves zalgo characters from a user's name/decancer [user]
/delwarnDeletes a warning from user record/delwarn [user] [warning_id]
/durationChange the duration of a mute/ban/duration [user] [duration]
/emoji addAdd custom emoji to your server/emoji add [emoji] [name]
/emoji addmanyAdd multiple custom emojis to the server/emoji addmany [emojis]
/emoji packSearch and add emojis from pack [search]
/emoji listList all the emojis currently available on your server/emoji list [search]
/kickKick a member from the server/kick [user] [reason]
/lockLock a channel to prevent messages from being sent/lock [channel] [target] [duration]
/massbanBan multiple users from the server/massban [users] [reason] [delete_message_days]
/modlogsDisplays moderation logs for a user/modlogs [user]
/nicknameChange the nickname of a user/nickname [user] [nickname]
/note setSet note for a specific user/note set [user] [note]
/note listDisplays a list of all notes/note list
/note clearClear all notes for a specific user/note clear [user]
/note getGet all notes for a specific user/note get [user]
/note removeRemove note(s) for a specific user/note remove [user] [note_id]
/note removeallRemove all your notes/note removeall
/permission enableEnable a message command for a channel/permission enable [command] [channel]
/permission disableDisable a message command for a channel/permission disable [command] [channel]
/purgeDelete a specified number of messages from a channel/purge [amount] [options]
/reasonChange the reason of a moderation action/reason [user] [log_id] [reason]
/removetimeoutRemove timeout from a user/removetimeout [user]
/timeoutTimeout a user for a certain amount of time/timeout [user] [duration] [reason]
/saySends your message from anyone to anywhere/say [text] [channel] [user]
/slowmodeSet slowmode for a channel/slowmode [time] [channel] [reason] [duration]
/softbanSoftban a user from the server/softban [user] [delete_message_days] [reason]
/sticker addAdd a custom sticker to the server/sticker add [url] [name] [tags] [description]
/tempbanTemporarily ban a user from the server/tempban [user] [duration] [delete_message_days] [reason]
/unbanUnban a member from the server/unban [user] [reason]
/unlockUnlock a channel/unlock [channel] [target]
/voicemoveMove all users from a voice channel to another/voicemove [from] [to]
/warnWarn a user/warn [user] [reason]
/warningsDisplays all the warnings of a user/warnings [user]

Role Administration

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/buttonroleCreate a button that assigns a role to a user when clicked/buttonrole [channel] [type]
/selectroleCreate a dropdown menu that allows users to assign themselves a role/selectrole [channel] [type] [require_role_type] [placeholder]
/reactionrole addAdd a role to a message that can be assigned to users when reacted/reactionrole add [message_id] [channel]
/reactionrole removeRemove a reaction role that was previously assigned through a reaction/reactionrole remove [message_id] [emoji] [channel]
/reactionrole removeallRemove all reaction roles that were assigned through reactions/reactionrole removeall [channel] [message_id]
/temproleAssign temporary role to a user/temprole [user] [role] [duration]
/role createCreate a new role/role create [name] [color] [icon] [position]
/role deleteDelete an existing role/role delete [role] [reason]
/role updateAssign or revoke a role from user/role update [target] [role]
/role infoDisplay information about a role/role info [role]
/role membersDisplay a list of members who have been assigned a specific role/role members [role] [attachment]
/role listDisplay a list of all roles in the server/role list [filter]
/role removeallRemove a role from all users/role removeall [role]


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/automodEnables automatic moderation features/automod
/banword addAdd word to ban/banword add [word]
/banword removeRemove a banned word/banword remove [word]
/banword listList all banned words/banword list
/banword clearClear all banned words/banword clear