User Management


Empower your community by ensuring everyone's safety, cultivating a friendly atmosphere, and shaping the space with moderation commands and filters that you can adjust. Customize the moderation experience to meet your community's specific needs, creating a secure and welcoming environment. Implement various commands and filters to maintain community standards, regulate user interactions, and establish a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for all.


Moderation Commands
/banBan a user from the server even if they are not currently a member/ban [user] [delete_message_days] [reason]
/caseGet information about a specific case/case [user] [log_id]
/clearwarnsDelete all warnings of a user/clearwarns [user]
/decancerRemoves zalgo characters from a user's name/decancer [user]
/delwarnDeletes a warning from user record/delwarn [user] [warning_id]
/durationChange the duration of a mute/ban/duration [user] [duration]
/emoji addAdd custom emoji to your server/emoji add [emoji] [name]
/emoji addmanyAdd multiple custom emojis to the server/emoji addmany [emojis]
/emoji packSearch and add emojis from pack [search]
/emoji listList all the emojis currently available on your server/emoji list [search]
/kickKick a member from the server/kick [user] [reason]
/lockLock a channel to prevent messages from being sent/lock [channel] [target] [duration]
/massbanBan multiple users from the server/massban [users] [reason] [delete_message_days]
/modlogsDisplays moderation logs for a user/modlogs [user]
/nicknameChange the nickname of a user/nickname [user] [nickname]
/note setSet note for a specific user/note set [user] [note]
/note listDisplays a list of all notes/note list
/note clearClear all notes for a specific user/note clear [user]
/note getGet all notes for a specific user/note get [user]
/note removeRemove note(s) for a specific user/note remove [user] [note_id]
/note removeallRemove all your notes/note removeall
/permission enableEnable a message command for a channel/permission enable [command] [channel]
/permission disableDisable a message command for a channel/permission disable [command] [channel]
/purgeDelete a specified number of messages from a channel/purge [amount] [options]
/reasonChange the reason of a moderation action/reason [user] [log_id] [reason]
/removetimeoutRemove timeout from a user/removetimeout [user]
/timeoutTimeout a user for a certain amount of time/timeout [user] [duration] [reason]
/saySends your message from anyone to anywhere/say [text] [channel] [user]
/slowmodeSet slowmode for a channel/slowmode [time] [channel] [reason] [duration]
/softbanSoftban a user from the server/softban [user] [delete_message_days] [reason]
/sticker addAdd a custom sticker to the server/sticker add [url] [name] [tags] [description]
/tempbanTemporarily ban a user from the server/tempban [user] [duration] [delete_message_days] [reason]
/unbanUnban a member from the server/unban [user] [reason]
/unlockUnlock a channel/unlock [channel] [target]
/voicemoveMove all users from a voice channel to another/voicemove [from] [to]
/warnWarn a user/warn [user] [reason]
/warningsDisplays all the warnings of a user/warnings [user]

Key Concepts & Terminology

  • User: A member of your server.
  • Channel: A designated space for text or voice communication within your server.
  • Reason: An explanation for a moderation action (ban, warn, etc.).
  • Duration: The length of time a punishment (timeout, ban) will last.
  • Delete Message Days: An option for bans that specifies how many days of a user's message history to delete.

Core Commands

Banning a User

Permanently bans a user from your Discord server. This action cannot be reversed unless manually unbanned by a moderator.

/ban [user] [delete_message_days] [reason]


Ban Command

Kicking a User

Removes a user from the server. Unlike banning, they can rejoin if they have an invite link.

/kick [user] [reason]


Kick Command


Restricts a user from participating in voice channels and chatting in text channels for a specified duration. It serves as a typical disciplinary measure for addressing disruptive behavior in both voice and text chat interactions.

/timeout [user] [duration] [reason]


Timeout Command

Warning a User

Issues a formal warning to a user. Warnings are tracked as part of their moderation history.

/warn [user] [reason]


Warn Command

Warn Message

Voice Move

Efficiently moves all members from one voice channel to another voice channel on your Discord server.

/voicemove [from] [to]


  • [from]: The current voice channel where users are located.
  • [to]: The voice channel where you want to move the users.


Voicemove Command

Revoke Ban

Reverses a ban on a user, allowing them to rejoin the server.

/unban [user] [reason]


Unban Command

Remove Timeout

Removes an active timeout from a user, allowing them to participate in voice & text chat again.

/removetimeout [user]


Remove Timeout Command

Deleting Messages

The /purge command allows you to bulk delete messages in a channel based on specified criteria, helping to maintain a clean and organized chat environment.

/purge [amount] [options]


These options can be applied to delete messages from specific users or those containing specific words, and more.

  • channel: Specifies the channel from which messages should be deleted.
  • user: Deletes messages only from a specific user.
  • link: Deletes messages containing URLs or links.
  • invite: Deletes messages containing invite links.
  • contain: Deletes messages containing specific text.
  • bot: Deletes only messages sent by bots.
  • human: Deletes only messages sent by humans.
  • regex: The regex filter allows you to delete messages based on a provided regular expression (regex). Regular expressions are powerful patterns that describe text. The regex filter is case-sensitive and supports fuzzy search.

If no filters are provided, the command will purge the specified amount of messages without any additional conditions.


Purge Command

Advanced Moderation

Mass Banning

Bans multiple users at once from a server.

/massban [users] [reason] [delete_message_days]


Mass Ban Command


It's best to verify the list of users carefully before executing this command.

Soft Ban

Kicks a user from the server and then immediately unbans them. This is often used to clear their recent message history. By default, it deletes user messages from the last 7 days.

/softban [user] [delete_message_days] [reason]


Soft Ban Command

Temporary Ban

Bans a user for a specified amount of time. After the duration expires, the ban is lifted automatically.

/tempban [user] [duration] [delete_message_days] [reason]


Temp Ban Command

Moderation Management

Viewing Moderation Logs

Displays a history of moderation actions taken against that user (bans, kicks, warnings, etc.).

/modlogs [user]

Modlogs Command

Retrieving Case Information

Retrieves specific details about a past moderation action taken against a user. The log ID can be found using the /modlogs command.

/case [user] [log_id]

Case Command

Updating Moderation Reasons

Updates the reason for a past moderation action. Use the log ID provided from the /modlogs command.

/reason [user] [log_id] [reason]

Reason Command

Reason Message

Adjusting Punishment Durations

Adjusts the length of an existing ban or timeout. Use this if you need to shorten or lengthen a temporary punishment.

/duration [user] [duration]

Duration Command

Duration Message

Managing Warnings

Checking Warnings

Displays a list of all warnings a user has received.

/warnings [user]

Warnings Command

Clearing Warnings

Clears the entire warning history for a specified user.

/clearwarns [user]


Clear Warns Command

Deleting Warnings

Removes a specific warning from a user's record (use the warning ID obtained from /warnings).

/delwarn [user] [warning_id]


Delete Warn Command

Fun and Informative

Sending Messages as Others

Sends a message that appears to be from another user. Use responsibly, as it can be misused to impersonate others.

/say [text] [channel] [user]


Say Command

Say Message Command

Permission Management

By using the /permission command, you can enable or disable message commands (which are executed using a prefix) only. If you want to enable or disable slash commands, refer to the guide here.

Enabling Commands in Channels

Allows the specified command to be used in a particular channel.

/permission enable [command] [channel]

Disabling Commands in Channels

Prevents a command from being used in a particular channel.

/permission disable [command] [channel]

If no channel is specified, the command will be enabled/disabled in all channels.


Adding a Emoji

Adds a new emoji to your server.

/emoji add [emoji] [name]

The 'emoji' input can be in the following formats:

  1. An actual emoji from another server (Nitro required):

Emoji Add Command

  1. Using Emoji URL:
/emoji add [] [roti_emoji]

Emoji URL

  1. Using Emoji ID:
/emoji add [1098795055633932418] [roti_emoji_2]

Emoji ID

Adding Multiple Emojis

Uploads multiple emojis to your server.

/emoji addmany [emojis]


Add Multiple Emojis Command

Emoji Pack

Searches for emojis on and lets you add them directly to your server.

/emoji pack [search]


Emoji Pack Command

Listing Server Emojis

Lists all custom emojis available on the server. Optionally, you can add a search term to find a specific emoji by name.

/emoji list [search]


Emoji List Command

Adding Stickers

Uploads a custom sticker to your Discord server.

/sticker add [url] [name] [tags] [description]


Add Sticker Command

Utility Commands

Removing Zalgo Characters

Removes "Zalgo" characters from a user's nickname. Zalgo characters are often used to distort or make usernames difficult to read. The result may not be entirely accurate, but it attempts to decancer to the best possible representation.

/decancer [user]


Decancer Command

Changing Nicknames

Changes a user's displayed nickname on the server.

/nickname [user] [nickname]


Nickname Command

Channel Management

Locking Channels

Prevents anyone from sending messages in a channel. Useful for temporarily restricting conversation during announcements or incidents.

/lock [channel] [target] [duration]

If no channel is specified, the current channel will be locked.


  • [target]: Restricts the lock to a specific role or user.
  • [duration]: Specifies a timeframe after which the channel will automatically unlock.


Lock Command

Unlocking Channels

Removes a lock from a channel, allowing members to chat again.

/unlock [channel] [target]


  • [target]: Unlock channel for a specific role or user.


Unlock Command


Enforces a cooldown period between messages in a channel. Helps prevent spam or overly rapid conversations.

/slowmode [time] [channel] [reason] [duration]
  • [time]: The interval between messages (in seconds) that members must wait before sending another message.

To disable slow mode, use the /slowmode command again and set the time to 0.


  • [channel]: The specific text channel where slowmode will be applied.
  • [reason]: An explanation for why you are implementing slowmode.
  • [duration]: Determine how long the slowmode will remain in effect.


SlowMode Command

Moderator Notes

Adding a Note

Adds a private note to a user, visible only to moderators with appropriate permissions.

/note set [user] [note]


Note Set Command

Listing Notes

Displays a list of all existing notes on the server.

/note list


Note List Command

Get User Notes

Retrieves all notes associated with a specific user.

/note get [user]


Note Get Command

Clearing Notes

Deletes all notes associated with a specific user.

/note clear [user]


Note Clear Command

Removing a Note

Removes a specific note of a user by its ID.

/note remove [user] [note_id]


Note Remove Command

Remove All Notes

Remove all existing notes on the server.

/note removeall


Your Discord server should be a place where members feel comfortable and enjoy spending time. Moderation plays a key role in shaping that experience. Use these commands strategically to create a welcoming and engaging environment for your community.